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Mouthpiece set

Mouthpiece set

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Frequently asked questions

What is WellO2?

WellO2 is a lung-strengthening breathing exercise device that combines inspiratory and expiratory counter pressure breathing and the inhalation of warm steam. The device improves and maintains the condition of the respiratory system.

How does it work?

The device works so that the user performs respiratory exercises with the device. Initially, the user exhales into the device and then inhales the air back into their lungs from the device. The device creates a resistance for breathing and at the same time produces warm steam in the airways. The counter pressure breathing strengthens the respiratory organs while the warm steams opens and moisturizes the respiratory airways. In only one device there are more than one breathing and wellness methods.

What are the benefits of this device?

There are several ways that using the device can benefit you. Firstly, the strengthening of the respiratory system increases breathing power, which increases performance and facilitates everyday well-being. Secondly, the device opens up the airways and facilitates the clearance of mucus, making it easier for people suffering from long-term or temporary stuffiness to feel relief from their breathing difficulties. Thirdly, the warm steam produced by the device heats and moisturizes the airways, which is usually perceived as pleasant. For people using their voice for work, this helps to open and maintain the voice while strengthening the muscles that are important for sound formation. Breathing exercise is a form of exercise that activates the body's muscles and maintains their condition. As a result, people who exercise actively can get an extra boost in their performance.

Have there been made any medical studies about WellO2?

Yet any studies about WellO2 and effects of using it have not been made. However, there have been made many researches separately about effects of counter pressure breathing and steam breathing with different breathing problems. Find list of some references here

From where I can buy the device?

You can buy the device from our webshop or in German-speaking areas from Amazon

Is the device for personal use or can more than one use the same device?

The WellO2 device can be used by several people. The package comes with three different-coloured mouthpieces to help different users to recognize their own mouthpieces. The other components of the device are suitable for shared use

Why the use of WellO2 is denied for some?

Since WellO2 is not a medical device, its use in the alleviation and care of any disease is not marketable, and thus is a matter of medical assessment by health care personnel. Steam has no known counter indications, but the counter pressure breathing is limited in the medical conditions listed in the user’s manual. Absolute counter indications are pneumothorax, open surgery or traumatic wounds in face, thorax or abdomen, and those listed in the user’s manual. Restrictions are to make sure that the device is not risking the user for any possible adverse effects.

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Product description

Three replaceable mouthpieces for hygienic use.


  • 3 different colored mouthpieces

Care Instructions

After each use, all components are detached from the device and the device and components are rinsed under running water. The components are then placed to air-dry. You can also clean the device with the device’s cleaning program. Instructions for the cleaning program can be found in the user manual. It is best to run the cleaning program after every fifth use and not more than after every tenth use, before the first time using it, and whenever the device has been used by another person.

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