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Medical Advisory Board

Medical Advisory Board

WellO2 Oy's Medical Advisory Board acts as a scientific expert group. The task of the Medical Advisory Board is to develop scientific research activities related to the effects of WellO2, to monitor international development and research in respiratory rehabilitation and to comment on related international studies.
Anssi Sovijärvi

Emeritus Professor of Clinical Physiology - Helsinki

Taina Taskinen

LT, Specialist in Occupational Health Care and General Medicine

Mika Rautanen

Specialist in Forensic Psychiatry

Jarmo Lehtimäki

Nurse (UAS) / Surgical Anesthesia, Clinical Physiology and Neurophysiology, Audionomi

Kari Nieminen

Chief Physician of the Intensive Care Unit

Janne Kuusela

Chief Physician of Emergency and Emergency Care

Ulla Anttalainen

Head of Department Specialist in Pulmonary Diseases and Allergology, Tyks.

Herkko Ryynänen

Physiotherapist and Master of Health Sciences