Breathe well. Feel better.

For respiratory wellbeing

WellO2 is a new breathing exercise device that opens and moisturises airways and strengthens respiratory muscles. The device trains in- and exhalation muscles with the adjustable breathing resistance. The device also produces warm molecular water vapour into the airways.
The device is useful for the weak or swallow breathers, snorers, the aging, the athletes, or those whose breathing is incapacitated by poor in- or outdoor air quality. Also, professional voice users such as singers or teachers benefit from the breathing exercise with WellO2.

Versatile and natural

WellO2 provides a natural way to ease and enhance breathing. The adjustable in- and exhalation resistance offers a wide range of possibilities for the respiratory muscle training. At the same time, WellO2 acts as an effective steam inhalator. Since the device produces only molecular water vapor, it offers a natural remedy for alleviation of airway irritation.

WellO2 device

The nasal mask that comes with your device allows you to inhale steam directly into the upper airways. Steam temperature is also adjustable by the user.

WellO2 nasal mask v2

User friendly

WellO2 is designed for home use. The double shell structure protects the user from exposure to hot surfaces and enables better control of the steam formation. Adjustable steam heat and breathing resistance ensures optimal conditions for breathing exercises regardless of user’s current fitness, age, or technical skills.