WellO2 - a non medical breathing exercise device that strengthens and cleanses the lungs

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The benefits of using WellO2

Helps immediately by opening airways.
Cleanses lungs effectively by removing mucus and air particles. Alleviates airway irritation.
Improves performance by strengthening respiratory muscle power and endurance.
Strengthens and maintains the voice by moisturizing vocal cords. Supports opening and sustaining the voice.

Breathe Better - Feel Better

WellO2 users have shared with us how their general health and well-being has increased with a daily 5 min training routine using the WellO2 lung capacity exercises and steambreathing. 

Those who have benefited from using WellO2 are:

✔️ People suffering from breathing problems
✔️People suffering from bad air quality
✔️ Elderly
✔️ Athletes and active people
✔️ Singers and voice professionals

User experiences

I regularly inhale warm steam, including to the upper respiratory tract with the help of the nasal mask that comes with the device. This is especially important during the flu season when the risk of getting sick is higher. I have managed to stay exceptionally healthy for the last three training seasons. Using Wello has been one of my key preventative ways to avoid getting sick.

Here are my thoughts after a couple of weeks of use in the morning and evening. First, it's 10-15 suck & blows setting no. 2. Then the nasal mask and about 10 suck & blows with the mouth. My oxygen uptake is clearly better now. In the morning there are clearly more impurities coming out (dust, old cigarette residue, etc. appear as dark spots) when hacking up. My voice is stronger, especially when I do half of the blows with an easy sound. Of course, these are as personal as your own vocal cords, i.e. there will be differences in experience. I'm guessing, however, that the chances of good results are a heck of a lot better than bad ones.

I've slept better since I started using the device, and I also feel more refreshed. I used to be ashamed to constantly clear my throat around people, but now I feel relieved. It’s a good device, I certainly give it a ten out of ten. Good and easy!

This is how the strengthening steam breathing with WellO2 works

1. When you exhale, WellO2 provides a resistance that strengthens and opens the airways during every use. 

2. When you inhale, the resistance strengthens the breathing muscles, while the warm steam soothes your vocal cords and lungs as well as removes mucus and impurities.  

How to do breathing exercises

Regular breathing exercises benefit especially those with breathing problems.  We have gathered tips, instructions and exercise routines, that will help you to get into regular training with the WellO2.

The Story of WellO2

A story of how WellO2 evolved

The inventor of WellO2, Aulis Kärkkäinen, explains why and how he invented a breathing exercise device to improve his own well-being
– and how, to his delight, thousands of others have also benefited.

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The Organization for Respiratory Health is a social and health organization whose task is to promote respiratory health and a good quality of life for people with respiratory disease, so that is easier for all to breathe.