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Symptoms from air impurities

Breathe Better - Feel Better

Natural relief from air pollution & the pollen season with WellO2


Soothe seasonal symptoms with WellO2

Spring triggers uncomfortable symptoms as pollen fills the air and dust pollutes the streets at the end of winter. Along with all year round air pollution, this irritates the eyes, throat and lungs causing shortness of breath, runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, cough and mucus build-up. Studies have shown these symptoms can increase stress, anxiety and lead to depression.
Exhale to strengthen lungs

WellO2 increases respiratory muscle strength with resistance training as you exhale into WellO2. It has 4 settings so you can increase resistance over time as you get stronger. Increased muscle strength can reduce shortness of breath.

Inhale to clear airways

As you inhale with WellO2, temperature controlled warm steam moisturizes the airways and reduces congestion by binding to the mucus and encouraging impurities, like pollen and pollution, to be cleared. This process naturally supports the immune system and reduces the risk of respiratory infections.

Clear sinuses

The nasal mask helps to open a stuffy nose and soothe irritated sinuses.

Easy, safe and only takes 2 x 5 mins daily

WellO2 training is easy, safe and only take 2 x 5 minutes per day to fit into any busy schedule. Like brushing your teeth, make WellO2 a vitual part of your daily routine for better quality of life.

Support your breathing in 5 easy steps

WellO2 opens, cleanses and strengthens the airways without medication. Here are 5 simple steps for optimal results.

Blow calmly into the device.


Breathe in the warm, soothing steam from your WellO2 device.


Open the upper respiratory tract and reduce the blockage with the nasal mask


Open the upper respiratory tract and reduce congestion with the help of the nasal mask.


Use WellO2 for just a few minutes a day for optimal results.

Now it's a couple of months of well-being behind me and I can say I've been super happy with the device! Many people have wondered how I have been in such good shape, even though I have traveled in different places all spring to the "worst" time of nature's flowering without congestion and snarling!

Asthma tests were done a year ago, negative. The wheezing under exertion continued, but the recommendation for new asthma tests was not made. I've been a real "surface breather", now the wheezing and the anguish of the spirit as I jogged, I feel like the air is running all the way to the lower part of the lungs. Device in use for 3 weeks. 5min morning and night. I believe in the power of the device!

Yes, it's the only thing I can get my voice back when it goes. I'm so badly allergic to mold, my voice goes out as soon as it smells a little.

Without WELLO, I'd be stuffier, the spirit sometimes stingy... Thanks for Weallo!

A very functional and easy-to-use device for users of all ages.