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Breathing problems and relief for your condition


Relieve your condition with the help of the WellO2 breathing exercise device.

The 6 most common breathing problems, which everyone suffers from occasionally:

1) Rhinitis

2) Sneezing

3) Nasal congestion

4) Cough

5) Mucus build-up

6) Shortness of breath

WellO2 is a breathing exercise device that strengthens, opens and cleanses the airways with warm steam and counter pressure breathing

✔️ Warm steam helps mucus to become more fluid, making it easier to cough out.

✔️ In addition, warm steam moisturizes the mucous membranes of the airways and helps reduce airway irritation.

✔️ Resistance breathing strengthens the respiratory muscles and helps the warm steam to enter deeper into the airways.


"I have a couple of months behind me now of using Wello and I can say I've been super happy with the device! Many people have wondered how I have been feeling so well even though I have been travelling to different places during the spring, at the time when nature’s blooming is at its "worst”, without congestion and sniffling!"

Noora L

"I had asthma tests done a year ago, which came back negative. However, my wheezing continued when strained and the recommended further asthma tests have not yet happened. I've been a real ‘shallow breather’, and now there is no longer wheezing and shortness of breath when jogging, I feel that the air is going all the way to the deepest part of the lungs. I’ve been using the device for 3 weeks. 5 minutes in the morning and evening. I believe in the effectiveness of the device!"

Leena P

"I've been using WellO2 for a few months. The device was an invaluable help in removing excess mucus. Occasionally, I did so that I just steadily inhaled steam several times and breathed it out through my nose. And after that I would do several resistant blows into the tube. This seemed to soften the mucus first and then carry it out. I learned that when using the device, it is advisable to do the respiratory exercises as steadily as possible and by occasionally breathing normally.
The device is now kept in daily use. I recommend it to anyone who has benefited from PEP respiratory exercises, the device combines, in a really convenient, way resistance breathing with the healing and mucus softening impacts of the steam. It soothes, opens the airways, and helps to cough out the mucus

Maija H

"I have been using the device with my husband for a week and a half now. My husband stopped having shoulder pains at night after a few days, and even during the day there is less pain than before. Snoring has also decreased. For my part, I can say that this device is ‘the bee’s knees’. Two consecutive job locations had to close their doors due to indoor air problems and I already got instructions from the doctor to stay away from a third one. I started the respiratory exercises with 0-resistance and, at first, I only had the strength to breathe once at a time because I had to take rests in between.
After three days of breathing exercise, I went to take the dog for an evening walk and after about half a kilometre I stopped to think about what was strange with this, when I realized that I had walked briskly the entire way without being out of breath, whereas I used to be congested already after a few dozen metres and had to adjust the pace accordingly. Now I can breathe with resistance 2 and my breathing is going well, and I can move well."

Eeva P