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Sleep and calming down

Sleep Better

WellO2 calms nerves and opens the airways for better sleep


WellO2 can help eliminate snoring & relax you for better nights sleep

Using WellO2 in the evenings reduces stress, anxiety and improves sleep quality. Regular training with WellO2 strengthens the muscles of the neck, throat and mouth area and treats the mucous membranes, which may eliminate snoring completely. Stronger breathing muscles in the pharynx also help reduce snoring. WellO2 training is easy, safe and a medication free alternative to deeper sleep so you wake up fresher and full of energy everyday.
Exhale to strengthen lungs for functional breathing at night

As you exhale into WellO2, the resistance function strengthens the lungs and respiratory muscles, making them function better at night. WellO2 has 4 settings so you can increase the resistance over time as you get stronger.

Inhale to clear airways

As you inhale with WellO2, temperature controlled warm steam moisturizes the airways and reduces congestion and irritations that cause breathing interruptions that can keep you awake.

Clear sinuses

The nasal mask helps to open a stuffy nose and soothe irritated sinuses.

Breathe deeper

Deep breathing during WellO2 training stimulates the vagus nerve, part of the parasympathetic nervous system, calming the mind so you fall easier into deeper sleep.

Support your breathing in 5 easy steps

WellO2 opens, cleanses and strengthens the airways without medication. Here are 5 simple steps for optimal results.

Blow calmly into the device.


Breathe in the warm, soothing steam from your WellO2 device.


Repeat 3 to 10 times, you can rest between repetitions


Open the upper respiratory tract and reduce congestion with the help of the nasal mask.


Use WellO2 for just a few minutes a day for optimal results.

Real People. Real Results.

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After being used "in the baskets" in the evenings, using Wello also gives you a good night's sleep.

My husband and I have been using the device for a week and a half now. The man ran out of shoulder pains at night after a couple of days, and even during the day there are no more pains to the extent that he used to. Snoring has also decreased. For my part, I can say that the purchase of the device was "more than a thousand rabbits."

I have slept better since I started using the device, and I also feel more refreshed. In the past, I was almost ashamed to keep clearing the throat in the open, but now I feel relieved. It's a good piece of work, I'm going to give it 10 points once and for all. Good and easy, or, to put it in savoury, a gentle one.

I recommend to anyone who has benefited from pep exercises, the device combines in a really convenient way the action of steam that treats and softens the mucus, as well as backpressure breathing. Calms, open the airways, helps to cough out the mucus.

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Without WELLO, I'd be stuffier, the spirit sometimes stingy... Thanks for Weallo!

I'm working fine, top of the line!