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Singers and voice care

Breathe Better - Sound Better

WellO2 strengthens and protects your voice


Strengthen and maintain your voice with WellO2

Do you feel like your voice doesn’t last or sounds hoarse? Incorrect breathing, stress, poor air quality or the flu can impact your voice. WellO2 training strengthens lung capacity and opens and cleanses airways to boost your vocal performance.
Exhale to strengthen vocal cords & increase lung capacity:

As you exhale into WellO2, the resistance function strengthens respiratory muscles that improve sound resonance and endurance. WellO2 has 4 settings so you can increase resistance over time as you get stronger.

Inhale to clear airways and soothe your throat:

As you inhale into WellO2, temperature controlled warm steam moisturizes and relieves respiratory irritation, soothes the throat and vocal cords to improve sound quality. It helps warm up your voice before performances and naturally supports the immune system to avoid infections that impair performance.

Clear sinus with the nasal mask

Open the upper respiratory tract and reduce congestion with the help of the nasal mask.

Breathe Deeper

Deep breathing during WellO2 training stimulates the vagus nerve, to calm any performance anxiety, and the diaphragm for stronger vocal performance.

Support your breathing in 5 easy steps

WellO2 opens, cleanses and strengthens the airways without medication. Here are 5 simple steps for optimal results.

Blow calmly into the device.


Breathe in the warm, soothing steam from your WellO2 device.


Repeat 3 to 10 times, you can rest between repetitions


Open the upper respiratory tract and reduce congestion with the help of the nasal mask.


Use WellO2 for just a few minutes a day for optimal results.

"The WellO2 breathing device really works well for singers. When you start the vocal warmup with the device, it doesn’t take so long. The device relaxes the vocal cords, moisturizes the mucous membranes, and opens and cleans the upper respiratory tract. Wello strengthens the respiratory muscles and gives more breathing capacity to the lungs. It feels like oxygen just simply circulates better and the song has more power. A great device! Highly recommended."

"Based on doing this for a living for 18 years, I can say that Wello is going to be a big help on tour. Breathing strength improves, abdominal muscles become more toned, and, most importantly personally, the device helps to warm up and moisturize my instrument for the evening gig.

I myself suffer from dry vocal cords when performing in dry air-conditioned modern venues. This is a real problem and threat, especially on longer tours. Based on even the short experience, I can say that Wello offers help with this biggest concern for myself on tour. Big thumbs up!"

"Here are my thoughts after a couple of weeks of use in the morning and evening. First, it's 10-15 suck & blows setting no. 2. Then the nasal mask and about 10 suck & blows with the mouth. My oxygen uptake is clearly better now. In the morning there are clearly more impurities coming out (dust, old cigarette residue, etc. appear as dark spots) when hacking up.

My voice is stronger, especially when I do half of the blows with an easy sound. Of course, these are as personal as your own vocal cords, i.e. there will be differences in experience. I'm guessing, however, that the chances of good results are a heck of a lot better than bad ones."