When Shortness of Breath Is A Problem, WellO2 Helps

Are you struggling with daily activities like climbing stairs or carrying your shopping? Does breathing feel difficult? We all know the body changes as we age. We lose muscle strength and simple tasks are harder to do. It can be frustrating and tiring but using WellO2 daily can help restore your endurance by strengthening your lungs to reduce shortness of breath. WellO2 training is easy, safe regardless of age and starting condition. WellO2 breathes life back into your day.

  • Open the Airways

    Warm steam moisturizes the airways and helps to loosen mucus from the throat and lungs.

  • Ease Breathing

    WellO2 training helps open a congested nose, making breathing easier.

  • Easy to Use

    Simply exhale into the device, inhale the steam from the device, and repeat the exercise a few times.

  • Five Minutes a Day is Enough

    The best results are achieved with daily training, but WellO2 can also be used when respiratory symptoms occur unexpectedly.

  • Strengthen Respiratory Muscles

    Resistance increases both the strength of exhalation and inhalation and refreshes the circulation of the respiratory muscles.

  • Boost Immunity

    Warm steam activates a defensive reaction on the mucous membranes, helping to eliminate pathogens.

  • Why Should I Use WellO2?

    • Clear Lungs and Airways

      WellO2 steam inhalation reduces airway irritation and cleanses the lungs by encouraging the removal of mucus, pollen, dust and air pollutants.

    • Ease Breathing

      Helps to immediately open the airways.

    • Safe & Easy to Use

      WellO2 training is easy, safe, and quick – just five minutes in the morning and evening is enough!

    • Improve Strength and Endurance

      WellO2 strengthens breathing muscles and develops endurance, improving performance and speeding up recovery.

  • 1. Exhale

    Blow calmly into the device.

  • 2. Inhale

    Breathe in the warm, soothing steam from your WellO2 device.

  • 3. Repeat

    Repeat 3 to 10 times, you can rest between repetitions.

  • 4. Use mask

    Open the upper respiratory tract and reduce congestion with the help of the nasal mask.

  • 5. Practise

    Use WellO2 for just a few minutes a day for optimal results.

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See How WellO2 Works

  • As you age, functional capacity often decreases due to various factors. One reason is the normal decline in respiratory capacity and muscle strength that comes with aging. Shortness of breath is normal in many situations, but if you regularly identify the following challenges in your daily life, it's advisable to take action to maintain muscle and respiratory strength:

    - Daily chores, such as climbing stairs, carrying a shopping bag, or getting up from a chair, feel challenging.

    - Breathing is occasionally shallow, and shortness of breath is disturbingly intense.

    - Sleep is intermittent, and breathing feels hard at night.

    By the age of 80, respiratory capacity is typically only about 50% of what it was in middle age. When the condition of the respiratory muscles deteriorates, one gets out of breath more easily, and endurance decreases. With aging, muscle strength also weakens at an accelerated pace.

  • However, through respiratory training, one can easily improve their endurance at home!

    By increasing respiratory muscle strength, functional capacity in daily life improves, and daily chores do not cause shortness of breath as easily.

    Counter-pressure training strengthens the lungs and deep abdominal muscles and increases chest mobility, thus improving exhalation and inhalation power as well as endurance.

    Also, the mucous membranes of the airways thin and dry with age, which may make one more susceptible to respiratory infections than before. A dry mucous membrane can cause, for example, a feeling of mucus in the throat, problems with voice endurance, coughing, or the need to clear the throat.

    Warm steam moisturizes and warms the airways, reducing mucus and congestion. It also reduces the risk of respiratory infections.

    WellO2 training is easy and safe – regardless of age and initial condition.

  • Finnish WellO2 is the world's most versatile respiratory training device. Its unique method combines warm steam and resistance that cleanses and strengthens the lungs. WellO2 has the trust of over 100,000 users worldwide.

    WellO2 draws its inspiration from Finland's clean air. It is designed and developed in Finland and has been awarded the Design from Finland mark by the Association for Finnish Work.

    We collaborate with the Finnish Lung Health Association because they have been doing valuable work in respiratory health in Finland for a long time.

  • WellO2 was developed by Finnish healthcare, wellness, and technology experts.

    This innovative solution combines the latest scientific research and technological innovations to provide drug-free assistance for respiratory problems.

    Good breathing is the foundation of a good life. With WellO2, it's easier to breathe immediately, so you can live your life to the fullest every day.

Real People – Real Results

I regularly inhale warm steam, including to the upper respiratory tract with the help of the nasal mask that comes with the device. This is especially important during the flu season when the risk of getting sick is higher. I have managed to stay exceptionally healthy for the last three training seasons. Using Wello has been one of my key preventative ways to avoid getting sick.

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Finnish national team cross-country skier

Here are my thoughts after a couple of weeks of use in the morning and evening. First, it's 10-15 suck & blows setting no. 2. Then the nasal mask and about 10 suck & blows with the mouth. My oxygen uptake is clearly better now. In the morning there are clearly more impurities coming out (dust, old cigarette residue, etc. appear as dark spots) when hacking up. My voice is stronger, especially when I do half of the blows with an easy sound. Of course, these are as personal as your own vocal cords, i.e. there will be differences in experience. I'm guessing, however, that the chances of good results are a heck of a lot better than bad ones.

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I've slept better since I started using the device, and I also feel more refreshed. I used to be ashamed to constantly clear my throat around people, but now I feel relieved. It’s a good device, I certainly give it a ten out of ten. Good and easy!

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We have been in interaction with WellO2 since 2017 when they first produced us the idea of using WellO2 device. Our members have been able to buy the device with a special price and we have gotten very good feedback from them, that the method really works and helps them to breathe easier.

Our commercial cooperation started around 2020 when we granted the right to use our logo in advertising WellO2. During the years the company has succeeded in producing scientific results of the effectiveness of the device.

We are confident of the product and hope, that this invention will in the future help also people with respiratory diseases outside Finland to breathe easier. We are the member of EFA – European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations

The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland is an advocate for respiratory health. Our mission is to promote respiratory health and a good life for the respiratory disorder to make it easier for all of us to breathe.

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Mervi Puolanne

Organization Manager
The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland