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The elderly and coping with day-to-day life

Breathe Better - Cope Better

WellO2 strengthens the respiratory tract and improves everyday functional capacity


Stronger lungs give you more energy, everyday

Are you struggling with daily activities like climbing stairs or carrying your shopping? Does breathing feel difficult? We all know the body changes as we age. We lose muscle strength and simple tasks are harder to do. It can be frustrating and tiring but using WellO2 daily can help restore your endurance by strengthening your lungs to reduce shortness of breath. WellO2 training is easy, safe regardless of age and starting condition. WellO2 breathes life back into your day.
Exhale to strengthen lungs and endurance

As you exhale into WellO2, the resistance function strengthens the lungs and deep abdominal muscles and improves breathing to increase endurance. WellO2 has 4 settings so you can increase resistance over time as you get stronger.

Inhale to soothe and clear airways

With age, mucous membranes in the airways become thinner and drier, making them susceptible to respiratory infections. As you inhale with WellO2, temperature controlled warm steam moisturizes the airways and reduces congestion. This process naturally supports the immune system and reduces the risk of respiratory infections.

Clear sinuses

The nasal mask helps to open a stuffy nose and soothe irritated sinuses.

Easy, safe and only takes 2 x 5 mins daily

WellO2 training is easy, safe and only take 2 x 5 minutes per day to fit into any busy schedule. Like brushing your teeth, make WellO2 a vitual part of your daily routine for better quality of life.

Support your breathing in 5 easy steps

WellO2 opens, cleanses and strengthens the airways without medication. Here are 5 simple steps for optimal results.

Blow calmly into the device.


Breathe in the warm, soothing steam from your WellO2 device.


Repeat 3 to 10 times, you can rest between repetitions


Open the upper respiratory tract and reduce congestion with the help of the nasal mask.


Use WellO2 for just a few minutes a day for optimal results.

"If it weren’t for WELLO, I'd be more congested, my breath would sometimes be wheezy... Thank you for Wello!"

"A week ago, the device arrived and working mainly to eliminate upper respiratory tract problems will quickly bring results, although it will continue to take time. After all, it’s obvious that the sinus/nasal blockage problems that have continued for 40 years won’t already disappear in a week, but it's just so nice when the air passes through both nostrils again and you notice that the constant cleansing process is continuously underway. The immediate reaction to the normal dust in the room has eased.
It is also surprising how the breathing sessions invigorate me as a sufferer of MS fatigue. This is an important device for the quality of life, especially when one’s age starts to increase. The much-critiqued tightness of the device’s components seems to have already gone away. I always keep the device on the table, so I can use it every morning and evening."

"I have been using the device with my husband for a week and a half now. My husband stopped having shoulder pains at night after a few days, and even during the day there is less pain than before. Snoring has also decreased. For my part, I can say that this device is ‘the bee’s knees’. Two consecutive job locations had to close their doors due to indoor air problems and I already got instructions from the doctor to stay away from a third one. I started the respiratory exercises with 0-resistance and, at first, I only had the strength to breathe once at a time because I had to take rests in between.
After three days of respiratory exercise, I went to take the dog for an evening walk and after about half a kilometre I stopped to think about what was strange with this, when I realized that I had walked briskly the entire way without being out of breath, whereas I used to be congested already after a few dozen metres and had to adjust the pace accordingly. Now, I can breathe with resistance 2 and my breathing is going well, and I can move well."