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Breathing regulator

Breathing regulator

WellO2 breathing regulator is a spare part for the WellO2 breathing trainer. With the regulator, you can adjust the resistance of the breathing training smoothly between different levels.

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Product description

The WellO2 breathing regulator is a spare part for the WellO2 breathing trainer. With the WellO2 breathing regulator, you can adjust the resistance of the breathing exercise steplessly between the levels.

Resistance levels:

Resistance level 0: 20 cmH2O
Resistance level 1: 30 cmH2O
Resistance level 2: 50 cmH2O
Resistance level 3: 100 cmH2O

Start WellO2 training with the lowest resistance level and adjust it based on your progress and personal preferences.

We recommend replacing the breathing regulator in the WellO2 device once a year if you use the device regularly twice a day. The strength of the regulator's resistance may decrease over time. By regularly replacing the breathing regulator, you ensure that the resistance remains effective, providing you with an efficient workout.

Note! The breathing regulator is included in the package of WellO2 Care breathing trainer.

Technical Specifications

Material: Tritan

Country of manufacture: Poland

Designed in Finland.

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Frequently asked questions

What is WellO2?

WellO2 is a lung-strengthening breathing exercise device that combines inspiratory and expiratory counter pressure breathing and the inhalation of warm steam. The device improves and maintains the condition of the respiratory system.

How does it work?

The device works so that the user performs respiratory exercises with the device. Initially, the user exhales into the device and then inhales the air back into their lungs from the device. The device creates a resistance for breathing and at the same time produces warm steam in the airways. The counter pressure breathing strengthens the respiratory organs while the warm steams opens and moisturizes the respiratory airways. In only one device there are more than one breathing and wellness methods.

Can the WellO2 device be used by multiple people?

Thanks to the device's own cleaning program and personal mouthpieces, the WellO2 device can be used by multiple people. The package includes three differently colored mouthpieces for easy identification. Other parts of the device are suitable for shared use.

What does the package include?

The package includes:

  • WellO2 breathing trainer
  • 3 different colored mouthpieces
  • Nasal mask and extension hose
  • Breathing regulator
  • Power base
  • User instructions

Does the WellO2 device have a warranty?

Yes, the WellO2 device comes with a 24-month warranty.

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  • Open the airways

    The warm steam moistens the airways, binds small particles and helps dissolve mucus.

  • Improve your stamina

    WellO training increases your performance by making the breathing muscles stronger and more durable.

  • Easy to use

    Blow into the nozzle, inhale the steam from the device. Repeat the exercise a few times.

  • Five minutes a day is enough

    You will achieve the best results if you do WellO2 training daily, but you can also choose to use the device only when breathing problems strike.

  • Strengthen the breathing muscles

    The resistance increases the inhaling and exhaling capacity and stimulates blood circulation in the respiratory muscles.

  • Strengthen resilience

    Hot steam activates the defense reaction of the mucous membranes which helps to destroy pathogens.

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