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Congratulations – you've made an excellent decision to purchase the WellO2 MyBreath™ smart mouthpiece! This is a unique opportunity to improve your breathing in various ways. With the tips below, you'll get started smoothly on your journey towards better breathing and overall respiratory wellbeing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WellO2 MyBreath™ smart mouthpiece?

MyBreath™ is a new smart mouthpiece used together with the WellO2 breathing training device. It allows you to measure, monitor, and improve your breathing! MyBreath™ smart mouthpiece is an accessory for the WellO2 device. It is used together with both the WellO2 device and the WellO2 app.

How does MyBreath™ smart mouthpiece work?

MyBreath™ smart mouthpiece is used together with the WellO2 breathing trainer and it works together with the WellO2 app and is used like a regular WellO2 mouthpiece. The smart mouthpiece users have access to the WellO2 app, where they can choose suitable breathing exercises and tests. The app also stores data from completed breathing tests and exercises. The WellO2 app works on phones with iOS 12 or Android 9 or newer.

WellO2 breathing training with MyBreath™ smart mouthpiece is as easy as using a regular WellO2 mouthpiece. The smart mouthpiece can only be used with the WellO2 breathing training device.

What does MyBreath™ smart mouthpiece measure?

MyBreath™ smart mouthpiece accurately measures and interprets lung respiratory muscle strength, respiratory capacity, and airflow in the bronchial tubes. With these measurements, you can better understand the daily function of your lungs and respiratory system and improve them according to your goals and needs.

With the WellO2 MyBreath™ smart mouthpiece, you can monitor:

  • Respiratory muscle strength, which indicates how well the respiratory system can function in various life situations.
  • Respiratory capacity, which reveals the size of our lungs and how much of our lung capacity we utilize.
  • Airflow in the respiratory tract and bronchial tubes, indicating how effectively air can flow into the lungs along with the breath.

MyBreath™ interprets both exhalation and inhalation and can also measure upper respiratory tract function when using the WellO2 nasal mask. Upper respiratory tract function, which is essentially breathing through the nose, is particularly important for wellbeing.

How should MyBreath™ smart mouthpiece be cleaned?

Wash the MyBreath™ smart mouthpiece with mild hand soap and running water. Rinse thoroughly. Between uses, you can clean the smart mouthpiece under running water and let it dry upright or dry it with a clean towel.

NOTE! Due to the sensors, the MyBreath™ smart mouthpiece CANNOT be cleaned using the WellO2 device's cleaning program, boiling in a pot, or cleaning in a dishwasher!

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