WellO2 – An Effective Tool for Breathing Exercises

WellO2 – An Effective Tool for Breathing Exercises

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Breathing is an automatic function. It is also the only one of the body's automatic functions that we can influence to some extent. Although breathing is automatic, it can be easily disrupted. When disturbed, breathing can cause discomfort and problems that disrupt daily life and often reduce performance.

Breathing exercise devices often provide assistance in enhancing inhalation or exhalation, increasing the strength of respiratory muscles, or improving lung ventilation. Many respiratory devices also help with coughing, congestion, or mucus.

Respiratory aids are typically devices that physiotherapists offer to respiratory patients to alleviate their symptoms or enhance rehabilitation. The problem often involves weak respiratory muscle strength or excessive mucus in the airways. However, respiratory training can also benefit many other patient groups – or actually all of us.

An Aid for the Comprehensive Well-being of the Respiratory System

There are various types of breathing exercise devices for different needs. However, there is only one product on the market that is a very comprehensive respiratory rehabilitation tool. The WellO2 breathing training device provides versatile assistance to the respiratory system. It effectively supports breathing as a whole, increases the strength of respiratory muscles, opens the airways, and treats the respiratory mucous membrane. Therefore, you don't have to address just one problem or symptom at a time – WellO2 breathing training supports the comprehensive well-being of the respiratory system!

A finger pointing WellO2's resistance adjustment

WellO2 is a Finnish innovation that was introduced to the market in 2016. The inventor of the device developed it to treat his own asthma symptoms. The invention is unparalleled in its versatility because it uniquely combines steam inhalation with resistance training. The WellO2 device rehabilitates the entire respiratory system comprehensively.

Rehabilitating the respiratory system alleviates various symptoms. It also enhances the body's own functioning so that the symptoms of illness are reduced, or a troublesome symptom does not develop into a disease.



Benefits of WellO2 Breathing Training

  • Respiratory muscle strength increases. Muscles involved in breathing include those that move the lungs, such as the diaphragm, as well as respiratory tract muscles, such as those in the nose, nasopharynx, and those involved in voice production.
  • Moisture balance in the upper respiratory tract improves. This reduces nasal congestion, reduces nasal crusting, helps the voice endure better, and alleviates allergy or irritation symptoms.
  • Breathing becomes more efficient. Training activates the diaphragm to participate in breathing and encourages deep breathing.
  • Breathing rhythm calms down.
  • Nasal problems and nasal breathing improve.
  • Mucus loosens and is more effectively removed from the airways.
  • Cough symptoms are alleviated.
  • Respiratory muscle warm-up for sports performance or getting started with exercise.
  • Relaxation and recovery are enhanced.
  • Sleep quality improves, and snoring may disappear.

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