Breathe well. Feel better.

For breathing difficulties

There are many reasons for the breathing difficulties. Accumulation of mucus into the airways, common flu or airway irritation caused by poor air quality can congest breathing.

Resisted breathing has been shown to alleviate airway congestion since it open airways and clears mucus. Additionally, steam moisturises mucous membranes, alleviates irritation and promotes mucus clearance. WellO2 merges these methods to work in synergy to care respiration effectively.

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For better aging

When we get older we lose our breathing capacity quickly. Increasing rigidness and collapse of our ribcage makes our breathing shallow and inefficient. Chest does not stretch, and the diaphragm does not work as before.

Breathing exercise increases elasticity of the chest and enhances strength and mobility of the diaphragm. At the same time, our breathing power increases and we feel that our breathing gets easier. Practically this means that along with the more efficient breathing, every day routines like shopping and cleaning feels a lot easier.

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For better sports

Endurance training, especially in cold and dry air, exposures airways to stress which may lead to drying and cracking of the mucous membranes, and increased susceptibility to the airway infections.

Expiratory and inspiratory muscle training improves strength and endurance of the breathing and deeper abdominal muscles. Better breathing muscle power improves body energy consumption and gas exchange. Many athletes use WellO2 for developing maximal breathing power, or just to alleviate stressful effects of the cold and dry air to their airways. This adds value when seconds and millimetres account.

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For better voice

Voice is a very important tool for many who make their living by singing or speaking. Maintenance of the vocal cords with steam is a decades old remedy which soothes and softens vocal cords.

WellO2 device cares vocal cords and airways with the steam, and at the same time, strengthens breathing and teaches adoption of deep breathing technique. Therefore, many voice users have got help for their voice problems with WellO2 exercise.

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WellO2 is intended for breathing exercise only. It is not a medical device.

Do not use your WellO2 device if you have or suspect to have a pneumothorax, eardrum rupture, unhealed wounds on facial or thoracic area.

Consult your physician if you have:

o asthma exacerbation
o acute airway infection with fever
o any uncleared lung disease
o pregnancy
o serious coronary disease
o nose bleed
o recent infarct or pulmonary embolism
o aneurysm
o high blood pressure
o epilepsy