Breathe well. Feel better.

A unique wellbeing device

The WellO2 combines inspiratory and expiratory muscle training using the adjustable mechanical breathing resistance. Additionally, it works as an efficient steam inhalation device. The device opens and moisturises airways and strengthens respiratory muscles. The adjustable breathing resistance of the device offers a wide range of possibilities for the respiratory wellbeing for all of us.

Exercise strain can be adjusted by means of the mechanical breathing resistance for everybody’s needs. Therefore, the device can be used for exercising the maximal breathing power and endurance, but also for maintaining respiratory health with lower workloads.

The molecular water vapour that drifts down the airways on inhalation moisturises and soothes mucous membranes protecting airway stress caused by airborne particles. It also leaves a pleasant feeling after breathing exercise.

WellO2, new technology

WellO2 is a third-generation respiratory therapy device. It’s effective, and easy to use and maintain.

The double body structure of the device (1) and the safety valves (2) in the breathing regulator protect user from exposure to hot water. The plastic materials used in the device are made of durable and bisphenol-free Tritan (3).

The hygienic use of the device is also part of the design. Mouthpiece and breathing regulator (4) can be detached for cleaning with rinsing water. The device has a special cleaning program (5) and an integrated cleaning basket (6) for sanitation of the mouthpiece, regulator, and inner parts of the device.

Counter pressure in inspiration and expiration can be adjusted with the breathing regulator as shown in the table below. These values are valid when the inspiration and expiration time is app. 15 seconds.

counter pressure

You can also choose the steam temperature with the buttons on the handle.



How to use it



WellO2 is intended for breathing exercise only. It is not a medical device.

Do not use your WellO2 device if you have or suspect to have a pneumothorax, eardrum rupture, unhealed wounds on facial or thoracic area.

Consult your physician if you have:

o asthma exacerbation
o acute airway infection with fever
o any uncleared lung disease
o pregnancy
o serious coronary disease
o nose bleed
o recent infarct or pulmonary embolism
o aneurysm
o high blood pressure
o epilepsy