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Finnish invention hits global headlines – respiratory device WellO2 expected to make a breakthrough on international markets

A Finnish respiratory exercise device WellO2 has hit the global sports news headlines since the Russian and Swedish skiing teams have questioned the method. The unique invention is a physiotherapeutic training device for breathing, says professor of clinical physiology. The Finnish national skiing team has been using the device since 2016.

WellO2 is a respiratory exercise device which promotes wellbeing by enhancing fitness of the breathing organs.

”WellO2 is a new device which has been developed for physiotherapeutic respiratory training. It can be used for training of inspiratory and expiratory muscles and for moisturising the airways. Breathing against positive end-expiratory pressure with that device can open closed or narrowed small airways and thus improve the efficiency and distribution of alveolar ventilation. Such a training of breathing can increase the strength of respiratory muscles and improve pulmonary gas exchange”, says emeritus professor Anssi Sovijärvi from Helsinki University Central Hospital, Department of clinical physiology.

The user makes breathing exercises with the device by ex- and inhaling against adjustable resistance. The device generates steam that goes deep into the airways on inhaling. Exercise strengthens breathing organs, opens up and sooths airways.

”I have not come across a similar device anywhere before. Breathing exercises with such a device can help people with breathing problems and improve efficiency of pulmonary function also in healthy people”, Sovijärvi describes.

Finnish invention is expected to make a break-through on international markets

WellO2 respiratory exercise device is a Finnish health innovation, and it is based on internationally patented techonology. The device generates steam that goes deep into the airways on inhaling. WellO2 is easy and safe to use.

”We believe that the WellO2 sales will increase in near future because of the media attention. We are aiming to make WellO2 an international success story”, says WellO2 business director Tuomas Mattelmäki.

In Finland WellO2 has already sold over 12 000 pieces and has more than 20 000 users. At the moment WellO2 is on sale in the Nordic Countries and other parts in Europe, and it has users in Japan, US and China.
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Doctor of biochemistry, scientific counselor of WellO2
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Anssi Sovijärvi
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