Breathe well. Feel better.

Finnish innovation for better breathing now available on Amazon

Hapella is taking the leap to the global markets via Amazon, who will begin sales of the device in German speaking Europe starting early November. This will unlock a far larger market for the device that started sales in Finland during October 2016. WellO2 is globally patented (EP patent no. 2708260), and the company is looking for new market opportunities in the coming years. Negotiations are already underway for distribution and sales in the Nordic countries, China, Japan, USA, and South Korea.

WellO2 is a household device that opens and soothes the airways while strengthening the respiratory muscles. WellO2 combines the methods of inspiratory and expiratory muscle training, and steam inhalation to provide natural and chemical-free help for people with respiratory problems.

IMT and EMT strengthen the respiratory muscles, opening the airways and helps the inhaled vapor generated by the device to penetrate deep into the airways. The steam moistens the mucous membranes and facilitates mucus clearance. The device benefits all with breathing difficulties, especially snorers, the elderly, as well as healthy individuals in need of stronger respiratory muscles, for example, athletes and voice workers.

The device is a need driven innovation, being developed by its inventor Aulis Kärkkäinen for his own personal use. After nearly a decade of personal use, Kärkkäinen brought the device to consumer markets. Reception has been highly positive, with endorsements from the medical professionals, athletes and singers alike.

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