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Finnish Innovation brings help to growing breathing problems in China – patented device has hundreds of millions potential users

Finnish innovation WellO2 for breathing problems got lot of attention in Medical Expo in Taizhou last week. Hundreds of millions of Chinese suffer from breathing problems daily basis and there is no effective non-medical treatment available to give relief. Recently published study in Beijing University highlights the severity of the problem. According to the study breathing problems have significant negative effect to the quality of life. “High quality Finnish innovation have high demand in China. Product like WellO2 can be a business worth of hundreds of millions in China.” comments, JingJing Zu, Ph.D and Founding President of China Healthcare Investment Associations. She leads a team which helps international innovations to get finance and access to Chinese markets.

WellO2 is marketed and produced by Hapella Oy and invented by Finnish innovator Aulis Kärkkäinen. Globally patented device increases breathing capacity, cleans lungs and that way gives relief for many kinds of breathing problems. The innovation was invented for innovators own use to give relief to his severe breathing problem which did not get enough alleviation other ways. After several prototypes and testing the current globally patented WellO2 was born. WellO2 gives relief for breathing problems and those suffering from poor air quality. It will also help to increase breathing capacity for those who want to increase their performance. (e.g. Skiers in the Finnish national skiing team are using WellO2 in their training). In Finland 10 000 people have bought WellO2 and the feedback from both doctors and consumers has been extremely positive.

In Finland WellO2 can be bought from pharmacies, Euronics chain,, Unikulma shops, Sport shops and physiotherapists. In German speaking areas WellO2 is available in

WellO2 in China

WellO2 received great attention in China