Breathe well. Feel better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this product?

WellO2is a respiratory exercise device which promotes wellbeing by enhancing fitness of the breathing organs.

How does it work?

The user makes breathing exercises with the device by ex- and inhaling against adjustable resistance. The device generates steam that goes deep into the airways on inhaling. Exercise strengthens breathing organs, opens up and sooths airways. The device integrates many beneficial methods which can make breathing easier.

What does it make?

Breathing exercise with the device gives many beneficial effects. Stronger breathing organs intensify in- and exhale power and performance. It also alleviates congestion by opening up the airways and facilitating mucus clearance. Steam warms up and sooths airways. All these together makes breathing easier. Singers and speakers can care their vocal cords, keep up good voice and train efficient breathing technique. Breathing exercise activates body muscles especially in the chest area, thus maintaining and enhancing fitness and performance.

Why should I purchase this product?

You seldom pay attention to your breathing unless it gets, for some reason, unnormal. There are many reasons which can hamper breathing intermittently or more permanently. We all get common cold once or twice a year. Prevalence of asthma and COPD is 5%-10%. Up to 10% of the population smokes. Shallow breathing due to inactivity or poor working ergonomics may make breathing inefficient. Aging may bring along inefficient breathing. Athletes benefit from stronger breathing. Poor in- and outdoor air quality irritates congests airways. So, we all have reasons to pay attention to our breathing, maybe not today but definitely someday. Replaceable personal parts and a cleaning program add usability and hygienic use of the device in a family.

What is the lifetime of the device?

Lifetime is dependent on frequency of its use, but in heavy duty it should take at least 3 years. The device itself has a 2-year warrant excluding the replaceable personal parts.

When should it be used?

When and how often one should perform breathing exercise depends on one’s needs. Breathing works with the muscles and exercise strengthen them. Therefore, daily exercise keeps breathing organs in good shape. Alleviation for congestion of airways may require exercise at any time. Removing mucus from the airways usually requires more frequent use, perhaps once or twice a day. One training session takes about 5-10 minutes, during which the user makes 10-15 ex- and inhales. Always bear in mind that breathing exercise should be initiated smoothly. There are instructions for the beginners on

Is there any objective evidence?

There are numerous scientific publications on the methods used by WellO2. Nowadays it is quite undisputable that resisted in- and exhaling adds breathing power, opens up airways, clears mucus, increases elasticity of chest and enliven blood circulation in limbs. Steam inhalation has been used for alleviation of congestion for decades. Scientific evidence on its benefits for flu patients is still insufficient and conflicting due to inappropriate study designs. It is known that temperature over 40 C inactivates rhinovirus replication in vitro experiments. Steam may do the same in airways. At least in theory, rhinovirus that waits for the entrance to epithelium on mucous membranes can be impaired or inactivated by steam. Therefore, steam inhalation may have an effect on rhinovirus infections. You can find more readings on

What others are saying about WellO2?

Attendants on the usability study experienced relief to their breathing problems, noting that their breathing got somehow lighter or easier. Many of them, but not all, improved their PEF value remarkably during the study. The other experiences noticed by the subjects included intensive mucus clearance from the airways, reduction of wheezing and snoring, and increase in general activity. Also, adoption of deep breathing technique was mentioned. You may read more user opinions and comments on our Facebook.

How do the voice workers benefit from the device?

Correct breathing technique, strong breathing organs and fast opening of voice are all good reasons for using WellO2 device. Warm vapour cares vocal cords gently.

Cold and dry air, what about them?

It is quite common that in the beginning of running or skiing you’ll feel shortage of breath until the airways get used to the stress. This happens especially when exercising in dry and clod air. Also, excretion of mucus may follow as a response to it. WellO2 exercise just before the training in cold and dry air prepares airways by soothing and warming them.

Snoring, can WellO2 do any help?

Many WellO2 users have reported that their snoring has eased up since adoption of WellO2 exercise. Also, positive impact on quality of sleep has been reported. WellO2 exercise strengthens breathing muscles, also in larynx, preventing its collapse during the sleep. So far, this is a theory which shall be investigated in more detailed.

Can smokers benefit from the device?

WellO2 opens airways allowing the steam to penetrate deep into the airways. Steam sooths and facilitates mucus clearance from the airways. The user may experience this in many ways; mucus gets out, breathing goes easier, and perhaps it activates to healthier living without cigarettes.

How does this differ from nebulator?

WellO2 generates steam, which is not particulate water as in the nebulators. Steam is very fine-grained, almost molecular water in a hot air. It goes deep into the airways on inhaling and condensates on the walls of the airways. Nebulators instead are meant for the drug delivery with small amount of compressed water. They are not steam inhalers.