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Internationally patented Finnish innovation supports Krista Pärmäkoski

WellO2 and cross-country skier Krista Pärmäkoski have come to a collaboration agreement. WellO2 device is internationally patented and developed for increasing breathing capacity. The effects of the device are based on counter pressure on in- and exhaling which are known to remarkably leverage breathing capacity. Additionally, the temperature adjustable steam generated by the device cares airways and helps to stay healthier, especially, on flu season.

Role of the breathing exercise in endurance sports has not been quite understood earlier. No good devices have not been available, either.

“Krista has been using WellO2 device as part of her competition preparations for two years. In this summer, her training has gone straight upward, and she did the best ever treadmill test results in the end of summer”, defines Krista’s coach Matti Haavisto.

Avoiding falling ill during the training and competition season is one of the prerequisites for top athletes in terms of getting success. Intensive training in cold and dry air stresses airways and exposes to airway infections.

“Krista uses WellO2’s steam inhaling feature regularly, and now we have two complete training seasons behind us”, says Haavisto.

The story behind WellO2

WellO2 is invented by the Finnish inventor Aulis Kärkkäinen. The device increases breathing capacity and cleans lungs, and thus helps many who has breathing problems. The invention came up from his own needs to care his own breathing problem which seemed to be too difficult to tackle otherwise. After intensive prototyping and testing, the final internationally patented commercial version emerged. WellO2 benefits especially those who suffer from breathing difficulties due to various reasons. It also gives better performance by increasing breathing capacity. In Finland, over 10 000 WellO2 devices has been sold with excellent customer feedback.

This Finnish innovation has already started its journey to global markets via Preparations for exporting to China has also been commenced. They are very anxious to see the device in China because they have a tremendous outdoor air quality problem.

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Krista Pärmäkoski

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