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WellO2 + Travel bag + 20 Menthol tablets

€279,00 €281,40 saving €2,40
WellO2 + Travel bag + 20 Menthol tablets

WellO2 + Travel bag + 20 Menthol tablets

€279,00 €281,40 saving €2,40

WellO2 is a drug-free device that utilizes the globally patented Nordic Breathing method. The method combines steam breathing and resistance training of the respiratory muscles. The method supports general well-being by strengthening  breathing and cleansing the lungs.

WellO2 is designed to make your breathing easier and improve your daily well-being. WellO2 has been developed by experts in healthcare, wellness and technology. The innovative solution combines the latest scientific research and technological innovations into a versatile drug-free tool for the treatment and maintenance of respiratory health.

Adjustable steam temperature and breathing resistance ensure optimal conditions for breathing training with the device, regardless of the user's condition. The device can be used daily to maintain the condition of the respiratory system. Inhaling warm steam leaves a pleasant feeling after breathing training. The nasal mask that comes with the device allows you to breathe warm steam directly into the upper respiratory tract. 

Thanks to the device's cleaning program and personal mouthpieces, WellO2 can be used by more than one person.

How to use the WellO2!

 Product package includes:

  • WellO device
  • 3 mouthpieces of different colors
  • Nose mask
  • Respirator
  • Travel bag
  • Pack of 20 menthol tablets
  • Extension hose
  • Power stand
  • Instructions

      WellO2 device has 24 months warranty 

      Please notice that this product is a hygienic product, which means that normal consumer protection policy of 14 days return right is not valid when the package is opened.

      Before using the device, consult your physician if you have:

      • asthma exacerbation
      • acute airway infection with fever
      • any uncleared lung disease
      • late stage of pregnancy
      • serious coronary disease
      • nose bleed
      • recent infarct or pulmonary embolism
      • aneurysm
      • very high blood pressure
      • epilepsy

      Do not use your WellO2 device if:

      • you have or suspect to have a pneumothorax
      • eardrum rupture
      • unhealed wounds on facial or thoracic area


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