WellO2 Launches a Public Investment Round on invesdor.com to Propel Global Expansion and Product Development

WellO2 Launches a Public Investment Round on invesdor.com to Propel Global Expansion and Product Development

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WellO2, a trailblazer in health technology dedicated to enhancing respiratory health, has announced the launch of an exciting investing round on invesdor.com. This initiative opens the doors for public investment, inviting everyone to be part of a movement set to revolutionize the management of respiratory health through innovative products like the WellO2 breathing trainer.

Since its inception, WellO2 has been at the forefront of respiratory health technology. WellO2 is a globally patented device that combines counter pressure breathing, warm steam inhalation and breathing measurement at home, designed to strengthen respiratory muscles and care for the whole respiratory system. The device has received international acclaim for its ability to significantly improve lung function and overall respiratory health.

Capital for International Growth and Innovation

The investment round aims to fuel WellO2's international expansion and further product development. With over 110,000 devices already benefiting users, the company is poised to escalate its market presence and introduce new, cutting-edge products that continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in respiratory care.

The investment round is open for all members of the public through invesdor.com. Anyone who’s interested in investing in WellO2’s future growth can take part easily with as little as 50 shares. The investment round will open until 1st July 2024.



Invest in a Health Tech Leader

By participating in this investing round, investors have the unique opportunity to contribute to a company that's leading a revolution in healthcare technology.

"Investing in WellO2 is not just investing in a product but in a healthier future for all," said Tuomas Mattelmäki, CEO of WellO2. "We’ve launched the integration of our new digital breathing measurement device MyBreath as part of the WellO2 family that provides real-time data on respiratory health through a user-friendly mobile application. The data that can be collected from the users about their respiratory health is unforeseen in scale and understanding."

WellO2's commitment to excellence is evident in its collaboration with prestigious organizations like the Finnish Organisation of Respiratory Health Organization, the Premier League football club West Ham United and several other university and university hospital research organizations. These partnerships underline the efficacy and trust in WellO2's technology and its potential to make significant contributions to respiratory health management.

The funds raised through this campaign will directly support the company's strategic initiatives, including scaling up operations, enhancing research and development, and expanding into new international markets.

How to Participate

Interested investors and members of the public can learn more about the investment opportunities and participate in the round by visiting invesdor.com. This campaign not only offers a chance to support a company at the cutting edge of health technology but also to become part of a community dedicated to making a lasting impact on global health.



For additional information, investment details, and more about the revolutionary impact of WellO2's products, please visit the WellO2 website at wello2.com.


Tuomas Mattelmäki

CEO, WellO2 Oy


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