Breathe well. Feel better.

User-friendly and versatile

WellO2 is a wellness device for household use. The patented technology of WellO2 (EP Patent No. 2708260) combines adjustable breathing resistance and warm vapor inhalation in a unique way. The technology combines resisted breathing and vapor inhalation and the device has been designed to be easy and safe to use. The double body structure of the device guarantees the consistent vapor production during the breathing exercise and also protects from the exposure to hot water.

Easy to use: Simply pour water into the device, choose the preset temperature for the vapor and adjust the breathing resistance. Start the WellO2 breathing exercise by exhaling slowly through the mouthpiece into the device until your lungs are empty. Then slowly breathe in the vapor. Repeat the breathing exercise 10-15 times.

The adjustable breathing resistance and vapor temperatures give optimal conditions for breathing exercise with the device regardless of the current fitness of the user. WellO2 can be used regularly to boost breathing or alleviate breathing difficulties when needed. The vapor inhalation soothes the airways leaving a pleasant feeling after breathing exercise.


Safe technology

WellO2 is easy and safe to use. Safety aspects have been considered and are part of the design.

The double body structure of the device (1) and the safety valves (2) in the breathing regulator protect from the exposure to hot water. The plastic material used in immediate contact with the user, water or the warm vapor is bisphenol free, durable Tritan-plastic (3).

The hygienic use of the device is controlled by easy maintenance and cleaning procedures. Parts, such as mouthpiece and breathing regulator (4) are designed for individual use and are easy to remove for cleaning. The device has a special cleaning program (5) and an integrated cleaning basket (6) for the removable parts.